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Power Distribution Technologies Ltd (PODITECH) was incorporated as a limited liability company in 2008 after existing for eight years. The company was established with purpose of capturing the opportunities created by the liberalization of the electrical power industry in Uganda.

PODITECH has the capacity to execute projects in power generation, high voltage, medium voltage transmission and distribution. The company is self-sufficient staffed with highly trained and experienced professionals with strong technical qualifications in the electrical power engineering industry.

Our employees are chosen for their term work spirit, competence and varied experience acquired through working with international electrical Power Contractors having under gone practical training and apprenticeship in a variety of challenging scenarios.

Our clients are from the heavy industrial sector, utilities and others. We also work together with multinational engineering firms in a joint venture or as subcontractors.

Technical Capacity, Management & Administration

The Senior Management at PODITECH is staffed with highly trained, diverse and very experienced professionals with strong technical qualifications in the engineering fields of Electrical, Civil, Mechanical, Telecommunications with experience in Planning, Installation, Forecasting, Project Management, Finance and Procurement.
Key personnel include Electrical Engineers, Technical Managers, Field Supervisors, Technicians, Civil Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Surveyors, Health Safety Environment Officers, Finance Managers with an average experience from 10 up to 40 years.

Our Managing Director/ Projects Manager is an electrical engineer with 36 years’ experience in the field of transmission and distribution in high voltage power systems. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and boasts of a vast amount of training from accredited specialists in UK, USA, NORWAY, ITALY, GERMANY, CANADA, INDIA and SOUTH AFRICA. The Managing Director is a member of Uganda Institution of Professional Engineers(UIPE) and is a Registered Member of Engineers Registration Board (ERB) with ERB Certificate No: 1036.
He also has experience from various positions held within PODITECH, Uganda Electricity Board (UEB) and Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Ltd (UETCL) in overseeing projects from initiation to close out. He specializes in Maintenance of Transmission Lines and Substations as well as Project Manager in Construction/ Testing/ Commissioning of new 132kV/ 33kV and 132kV/ 11kV Power Substations.

PODITECH is qualified by the Petroleum Authority Uganda (PAU) on the National Supplier Database (NSD) with NSD Number NS- 13605/ 2021/ 2585.

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